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Building Your
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At Fox Pools & Spas, we know how to make your dream for your backyard a reality. Since 1971, we’ve been installing in-ground vinyl liner pools in the Hendersonville area for our customers. We know how to listen to what you want and we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver a finished product that will provide you, your family, and your friends hours upon hours of enjoyment. You can count on a quality build with all the added features you’ve been dreaming about.

Fox X-Brace® Design

At Fox Pools & Spas, we believe in quality. That is where the Fox X-Brace® technology comes in. You see, your pool will hold thousands of gallons of water and at the same time, it will be holding back thousands of pounds of dirt. This requires high strength to deal with those high stresses. Our pool kits use some of the same technology that is used in building bridges, tall buildings and water towers. Your pool walls must ensure structural integrity over many years to remain intact no matter the external forces. The Fox X-Brace® system ensures integrity, this structure provides 100% support for your walls. It doesn’t matter what internal and external pressures they face.

The Pool Build Process

7 Steps to Build Your Dream Backyard Pool

While there are some additional steps pertaining to enhancement options like spill over hot-tubs or in-coping automatic pool covers, the following steps are a good guideline of how your pool project will proceed from start to finish in your backyard. Once we’ve completed the design process, we’re ready to begin the Pool Build Process!

Step 1 - pool-build

Step 1: Excavation

We take care of permitting before we come out to dig your pool to the specific dimensions we determine in your design process.  This includes the extra footage to accommodate the Fox Pools X-Brace™ system.  We will also dig the plumbing ditch running from the pool to the filter pad area.  

Step 2 - pool-build

Step 2: Wall Assembly

Once we dig your dream pool out completely, we will deliver the pool kit and get to work. We will assemble the pool exterior walls. This includes the walls, X-Bracing™, stairs and any Buddy Seats® or wall benches you decide upon. We also install the tanning ledge panels now if you choose this option.

Step 3 - Fox x brace technology

Step 3: Plumbing

As soon as we completely assemble your pool, we will run all plumbing lines including the returns, skimmers, and main drains. This includes any plumbing required for enhancements like deck jets, slides and waterfalls. If applicable, a plumbing inspection is conducted by the local codes office and then we will be set to pour the continuous footer around the entire pool.

Step 4 - Pool backfill

Step 4: Backfill

At this stage there are several things to be completed, all happening at once. Now that we have poured the continuous footer around the pool, it’s time to backfill. Due to the Fox Pools X-Brace™ system, we are able to do this with dirt that was excavated from the pool cavity. This makes the process more cost effective for our customers.

Once backfilled, we will lay down a bed of gravel for the concrete pour called gravel grade. We then run 3/8” rebar throughout the deck area and attach this directly to the Fox Pools X-Brace™ system. Once poured, this rebar will tie the entire pool deck together for greater strength and protection against concrete separation.

With the gravel grade complete, rebar in place and the concrete formed up to YOUR specifications, our electrician now bonds the pool for safety, runs conduit for the pool’s included LED light and calls for the required inspections.

Step 5 Pool Build

Step 5: Install Decking

With electrical inspections completed, it’s time to put on the coping or coping forms and pour the concrete deck. Afterwards, our finishers complete the concrete with a broom finish. With the exception of extremely large decks, we do this all in one day in a continuous pour. We would also pour the tanning ledge at this time if equipped.

Step 6 - installing

Step 6: Installing Liner

We have to let the concrete cure for at least a couple of days. It is now time to set the pool’s vermiculite bottom and install the liner. Except on very large pools, this is completed in one day.

This means we start early and have your pool filling with water by the end of the day. During the filling process, we use special vacuums to hold the liner in place.

Once the pool fills to the bottom of the stair in the shallow end, it’s time to cut in the returns, skimmers and light. At this point, there is no more need for the vacuums as the water will now hold the liner in place.

Once cut in, the pool can go ahead and fill to the appropriate operating level with water.  How quickly it fills depends on your water pressure and the size of the pool, but most pools take a few days to get full.

Step 7 Pool Completion

Step 7: Completion

Either at the time of the liner cut-in or shortly after, we will come out and install your pool equipment. This includes your pump, filter, automatic pool cleaner and light. If additional enhancements are chosen such as salt systems, UV systems, slides, diving rocks, diving boards, or heaters, these would be installed at this time as well.

We take care of your on-site pool instruction at this point. This is also when we would begin the process of having the concrete Sundeked to complete your pool deck. We like to give at least ten to fourteen days of cure time prior to starting this process.

Lastly, while sometimes weather dictates when we are able to do our final “rough” grade, this is typically when your pool will be completed.


For Information on the Pool Build Process:

David Ferrell is the Operations Manager/Sales for Fox Pools & Spas. He can answer any questions you may have regarding the construction of an in-ground vinyl liner pool. He can help you define the details of what you want in your backyard dream pool and get you started on the path to becoming a pool owner. There’s never been a better time to contact David!


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