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Pool Pump & Filter

At some point, your pool pump or filter may need to be replaced. You can rely on Fox Pools & Spas to be there for you.

Replacement Recommendations

Our experts will help you determine the best replacement pump and/or filter when you need it.
They will help you consider:

  • The size pump/filter you need
  • Plumbing size
  • Spa and/or water feature requirements
  • The water turnover rate you need to keep your pool water properly filtered

Sand Changes

The size of your pool and the type of sand filter you have determines how often you will need a sand change. Sand works really hard and it will improve with age at first, but at some point, it will begin to decline in its ability to perform efficiently.

Let our technicians do a sand change for you

Sand Changes Include:

  • Opening up filter
  • Vacuum out old sand
  • Inspect laterals and other internal parts of the filter
  • Refill with fresh sand
  • Reinstall the filter

How to tell if your sand needs changing

At Fox Pools & Spas, we can definitely help you determine if it is time.
You might notice these factors:

  • You seem to need to backwash frequently
  • You find dirt or grime buildup at the pool bottom
  • You have cloudy water even after testing and adding chemicals

It helps to understand how the sand is working for you. Your pool pump pulls water from the pool and it passes through sand filtration. The sand is the filtering media. Sand has a rough surface and this rough surface is what traps all the dirt and debris that comes through.

Over time, all of the rushing water coming through wears down the rough surface of the sand and begins smoothing it. This is when it becomes difficult for your sand to continue capturing all the debris which is what makes that water cloudy.

The good news is, this is a very easy fix as long as you don’t wait too long. If you do, you may have to replace your filter too.

Salt Systems

Saltwater pools have been gaining in popularity over the past few years and with good reason. Fox Pools & Spas can install a salt system for you in your new pool or convert an existing traditional chlorine pool. We also do salt system repairs as well.

What is the benefit of a salt water pool?

Your pool needs clean, clear water. A great way to achieve this is to use a salt chlorination system. Salt chlorination provides healthy swimming conditions and crystal-clear water.

Benefits of Salt Water Pools:

  • More convenient than traditional chlorine
  • Produces silky-smooth water that feels great on your skin
  • Natural sanitization method in contrast to harsh chemicals
  • Eliminates harsh chemical odors
  • Converts salt into active chlorine
  • Reduces skin and eye irritation
ward pool


It’s easy to get help with your replacement, service, or salt system install.

Contact Jessica to schedule a service call or quote today!

Jessica Ezell

Don’t forget to check out our other services. We open and close pools, and do repairs and cleanings, just to name a few. We’ve got your back and we’re here to help.

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